Legitimization of Impunity in the Protection of the Rights of Children and Adolescents

Instituto de Estudios de la Mujer
“Norma Virginia Guirola de Herrera”

The Salvadoran family is living a dangerous stage in its history in which it senses the Legitimization of Impunity before the permanent violation of the human rights of children and adolescents.

It is difficult to understand that parents, grandparents, lawyers, religious leaders, educators, police officers, and others, would sexually abuse children and adolescents and then holding up the Bible, Constitution or Uniform perjure by saying that they are innocent and make the victims responsible, re-victimizing them, which is not only a disrespectful act and a public offences but, it represents a mockery to the state of justice by those who are protected by powerful and fatal interests in order to stop the sword of justice and turn it into the “center for sanctifying sins and crimes“.

CEMUJER acknowledges with shame, the indifference of a society that is still lethargic and many times tolerant, and does not understand nor accept that there are still functionaries within the justice system, that from the cultural-patriarchal scheme, act with lukewarm complacency in the prosecution, investigation, and sanction, of those responsible of violations of the rights of children and adolescents.

The State fails to fill its obligations when it does not guarantee and completely protect the rights of the general population and more specifically the rights of children and adolescents, as some of these functionaries do not know their obligations which come from our Constitution and the International Human Rights Treaties. This situation offends the state of justice, fracturing even more the frail governability of the country, increasing social discontent and the loss of confidence in reporting and in the institutions.

Does justice exist in El Salvador for our children and adolescents? Are the rights of this victimized and re-victimized population acknowledged? Are violators and murderers (those who commit femicide) condemned?

Enough with remembering certain emblematic cases such as the rape and murder of Katya Miranda and Brenda, just as the various commercial sexual crimes committed by the lawyer Nelson García, in which there was no and has yet to have been any justice, on the contrary, injustice predominates, and it is due not only to the dubious investigations and judicial resolutions, but also to the various re-victimizing and stigmatizing situations that the victims and their families lived and continue to live through, many of which in light of the insecurity and the fear of experiencing more violence, have been forced to leave the country… “to flee from the country to defend life.”

Recently, we have helped in an aberrant and repugnant event which was the rape of a 14 month old baby, who in her innocence still fiscally experiences the cruelty of her rapists, and we ask ourselves, when will she heal from her psychological wounds? Possibly the aftermath will be unimaginable, which is why CEMUJER, has established the contact with the mother of the girl so that after her physical recuperation, we can start the emotional recuperation. Meanwhile, once again, we demand justice; DO JUSTICE and that impunity will make way for a True Social Justice.

CEMUJER, respectfully, demands that the Salvadoran government will further the investigation of the crime and assume the responsibility of guaranteeing and protecting the fulfilling of human rights for children, adolescents, providing a safer climate that will allow for their holistic development.


San Salvador, Casa Morada de la Mujer, 2008


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