Institute for Women’s Studies
“Norma Virginia Guirola de Herrera”

Towards Real Equality for Women

The Institute for Women’s Studies, “Norma Virginia Guirola de Herrera” CEMUJER known also as the Casa Morada (the Purple House) has the satisfaction of presenting its web site, which represents its effort, commitment, and achievements to establish a new culture of Human Rights without disparities between genders.

From the beginning we have been defined as a Human Rights Institute for Women and we placed ourselves in the Salvadoran society as autonomous and nonpartisan, that posture allowed us to develop an institutional strategy of dialogue, negotiation, compromise, and proposal which strengthens and empowers our capacity to coordinate with the different public, private, and non governmental organizations that have the commitment, attributions, and responsibility to the enforcement of Women’s Rights.

CEMUJER has been dedicated to public service working in favor of human rights for Salvadoran women, children, and adolescents through their courses of action:

  1. Research for Women’s Action
  2. Education for Equality
  3. Alternative use of Justice
  4. For the Right to a Life without Violence (Clinic for Holistic Care, the Permanent Policy Work Desk, Accessible Legal Advising, Reflection Circles, Legal Representation)
  5. Public Defense and Promotion (Alternative Communication “Tania Valentina Parada”)

CEMUJER looks to make an impact through integral and viable proposals and alternatives to the discrimination and violence that women experience in the different spheres of their lives. We work on legal proposals, the training of government employees, and NGOs, in the diagnosis and analysis of the condition and position of women, in media campaigns, in producing educational material, and offering psychological, medical, and legal support to women and children who have bee abused.

Source: 2003 y “Hoja de Vida del Instituto de Estudios de la Mujer “Norma Virginia Guirola De Herrera” CEMUJER”, 2007


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