Our Mission – “Contribute to the change of mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors that will promote the building of a new human rights culture, without distinction between genders.”

Our Nature – Feminist, Autonomous, Nonpartisan, Respectful of Political Opinions, Religious Choices, and Sexual Orientations.

Brief Antecedent:

The group of women who started on August 17 of 1990 the first Institute for Human Rights for Women, Children, and Adolescents in El Salvador, gave it it’s own identity by naming it CEMUJER, a Feminist, Autonomous, Nonpartisan Institution, known also as Casa Morada de la Mujer (the Purple House for Women).

Being autonomous and not dependant on any political party, was highly risky from the beginning; however, we decided to develop and grow based on our own work. CEMUJER gets is Legal Capacity December 17 in the year 1992.

The enthusiasm of creating an organization that could create proposals and could have a fundamental strategy of dialogue, negotiation, compromise, and proposals, set it aside from the beginning as an “atypical” organization.

CEMUJER, takes its actions to complete the work of other sister organizations and is respectful of any political idea, sexual orientation, religion, color, social class, with the firm convection that on in that way it will contribute to the construction of a Real Democracy.

In 1990, the first year of CEMUJER, there were a few non governmental organizations that were fighting for women, fundamentally for their survival (basic needs). Patriarchal power was in the forefront as the granter of human rights to the people, ignoring at all times that women are human.

From the beginning threatening and mocking the timid steps that women were taking in their organizations and from their different spaces, the patriarchal powers tried to block them from any type of manifestation from the structures of the political parties.

CEMUJER started training/educating mixed groups (women and men), which put in question our feminist nature. At that time, it was difficult to understand how a self-proclaimed feminist institution could accept men into their training groups and also into their organizational structure.

Finally, it becomes the first women’s association that initiated coordinated work with the governmental branches and the social communication media based in respect and tolerant. In this way the myth that it is impossible to work with those groups and the fear of being contaminated by their “ideology” begins to be dispelled. CEMUJER was a pioneer in the study, analysis, and popularization of the Legislation Focused on Gender.

CEMUJER is member of various networks and teams nationally and internationally.

Dialogue, negotiation, compromise, and proposals are the developmental strategies of the institution that have made it possible that the institution occupy a respected and credible space in the Salvadoran society.

CEMUJER, participates as a panelist/conference speaker at events organized by various national and international entities and is sought nationally and internationally as a consultant in specific areas such as: human rights, sexual and reproductive rights, labor rights, family rights, HIV/AIDS, violence and prevention of all forms of violence against women, children, adolescents, human trafficking, pornography, commercial sexual exploitation, mental health, empowering women, women’s participation in politics, national legislation and international treaties, decision making, risk evaluation and disaster prevention, conflict resolution and development of public agreements and dialogues.

CEMUJER has its main office in San Salvador (the capital of El Salvador), its work, however, covers the 14 departments of the country.

Source: http://www.angelfire.com/nh/cemujer/page2.html , 2003 y “Hoja de Vida del Instituto de Estudios de la Mujer “Norma Virginia Guirola De Herrera” CEMUJER” 2007

Towards Real Equality for Women


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